Is it true that Stress in the Mother Can Come Feel the Baby

When Mother is feeling stressed, then Little just crying continuously. Don't stress out. Chances are the baby is not fussy, but "contracting" the stress that Mother is feeling. Actually this starts from the baby in the womb. Little can feel when you experience stress during pregnancy. There are various effects of this. Starting from increasing the risk of preterm labor, low birth weight to the temperament and IQ level of the baby after birth. Babies Learn to Recognize Emotions from the Environment After birth, babies will begin to learn to recognize the emotions of those around them, especially Mother and Father. In a study, it was found that the stress that Mother felt could affect your child. For example, he can feel sad if he sees his parents sad or in a bad mood. At the age of several months, babies can even distinguish sad and happy expressions. This is the reason the baby will be more interested if Mother invites him to speak with full expression. Conversely
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